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Blackfoot girls5 Ermine Tall and Bird's Skin—
and they sped up their pace and approached
closer with Increasing caution. When they were
a few feet behind them the warriors uttered one
word under their breath: "Siksikau!—Blackfeet!5

The girls turned half startled, and when they
saw the warriors they motioned for them to bend
close to the ground and walk beside them.

As the warriors half crawled to their side and
kept along at their slow pace, the girls told them
the Crees were ahead. They said that they were
a large party of about seventy. The head party
was now about to pitch camp for the night, while
the slower ones were just a couple of hundred
yards ahead of them.

The girls said that the Crees made them remain
up long after the others had retired at night to
clean and dry all of their snow-shoes. As the
girls were talking to our chief, he was thinking.
Finally he said to them: 'To-night when you
clean the snow-shoes and dry them, hold them
closer to the fire and make sure that each pair Is
scorched to the breaking-point. Then mix the
pairs. Tie a large and a small shoe together/
(Unlike the Shuswap snow-shoes, the Cree moc-
casins were part of their snow-shoes, making them
one-piece affairs.)

The girls said that they would carry out the
chiefs instructions, and our warriors left them.